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    ৳ 18,000.00

    Brush cutter machine price
    Model: BG-328
    Carrying Type: Backpack Type
    Feature: 2-stroke
    Cylinder: Single Cylinder
    Power: 1.00kw
    Displacement: 32.6cc
    power of Source: Petrol/ Gasoline
    Cutting Width: 415mm
    Matched engine: 1E36F
    Displacement: 30.5cc
    Standard power: 1.0KW / 6000r/min
    Handle: Loop Handle
    Cutting width: 415mm
    Blade length: 255mm
    Weight: 10.0kgs
    Engine carton (1): 315*315*450mm
    Shaft carton (1): 1374*98*67mm
    Engine carton (2): 405*300*280mm
    Shaft carton (2): 1374*98*67mm
    Origin: China
    Warranty: One year free service
    without spare-parts.
    Order For Contact Us: +8801913916565 +01913916566