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  • cow-dung-de-watering-machine-500x500

    Dewatering machine price in Bangladesh

    ৳ 425,000.00

    Dewatering machine price in Bangladesh
    Applicable Industries:Food & Beverage Factory, Farms, Restaurant, Home Use, Food & Beverage Shops
    Weight (KG):350kg
    Marketing Type:Ordinary Product
    Core Components:Motor
    Type:Manure dewatering separator
    Use:Animal waste processing
    Place of Origin:China
    Key Selling Points:Automatic
    Product name:Poultry manure drying dewatering machine
    Main power:4Kw
    Pump Power:3Kw
    Usage:Farm Dung Water Treatment
    Stock: No Ready stock
    Delivery time:60 working days after 70% payment
    price: 380000/- ( three lac eighty thousand )

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  • Sale! Milk Analyzer

    Milk analyzer price in Bangladesh

    ৳ 115,000.00

    Milk analyzer price in Bangladesh

    Milk quality analyzer “Laktan 1-4M” model 600 ULTRA
    Measured parameters  : Fat %,SNF %,Protein %,Density
    kg/m3,Lactose %, Added Water %, Temperature °С.
    The acidity of the milk being analyzed is not more than 20
    T°, the milk consumption per one measurement is 25 ml.

    What makes our product (Laktan 600) fundamentally new and different from all other models of ultrasonic milk
    analyzers? In Laktan 600 a fundamentally new (direct) method of measuring the velocity of ultrasonic wave in a liquid
    medium is implemented which distinguishes this model from all previous models of ultrasonic milk analyzers using an
    indirect frequency measurement method (where the pulse repetition frequency sequentially generated by a measuring
    cell is measured).Our new model Laktan 600 uses a direct method of measuring the ultrasonic wave’s velocity in which
    the time of flight of ultrasonic wave through a liquid medium is measured that enables higher accuracy and reliability of
    measurement and makes possible to ensure high measurement speed without compromising the accuracy of
    measurements. – We are using a new high-capacity 200 MHz, 32- bit processor based on the ARM Cortex-M4 processor
    core that allows achieving a higher level of components’ integration, increase measurement speed without
    compromising the analyzer’s accuracy.- Use of 64 Mb external RAM; – Use of an external tft-lcd display and touch panel;
    – Use of a preheater allows expanding of the milk samples’ temperature range without compromising the accuracy and
    repeatability of measurements; – A new and advanced cleaning system (fully automatic cleaning with a hydraulic shock
    effect). We are offering a fundamentally new approach that opens up entirely new possibilities and gives a new impetus
    to the already recognized and well-proven technology of ultrasonic analysis of milk and among other changes allows us
    expanding the functionality of our milk analyzer and makes possible a transition from a milk analyzer to a complete
    solution (without using DPUs).

    Terms & Conditions:
    1. Payment: Before or during delivery to goods.
    2. Delivery time: Delivery from ready stock 2-3 working days.
    3. Delivery Cost: Not Included.
    4. Sales VAT & TAX: Not Included.
    5. Installation Cost: Not Included.
    6. Warranty & Service: 1 Year free service without spare-parts.
    7. Stock :Ready stock
    price:105000-97000 tk

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  • Sale! Single Milking Machine

    Single cow milking machine price in BD

    ৳ 60,000.00

    Single cow milking machine price in BD
    Model: TMDK-1AK
    Milking capacity: Per hour 7-8 Cows
    Engine Power: (kW)0.55 kW
    Rotation: (rpm) 1450rpm
    voltage: 220V
    Pump Type:oil pump/dry pump
    Flow :(L/min) 160-180 L/min
    Charcoal Type: Graphite
    Coal Size: (mm) 70 x 43 x 4.9mm
    compressor Tank: Capacity (L) 4 L
    bucket Type:Aluminum
    Bucket Capacity: (L) 25L
    Nozzle Type: Rubber
    Claw Weight: (gr) 2050 g
    Claw Milk Capacity: 200cc
    Milk Hose (mm) 2000mm (22mm x 14mm)
    Pulse Hose (mm) 1750mm (14mm x 7mm)
    weight: 37kg
    Stock :Ready stock
    Delivery: Cash on delivery
    Delivery Time: 3 working days.
    Brand: Melasty
    Origin: Turkey
    Warranty : two years free service
    without spare-parts.
    price: 55000 to 60000 taka

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    +8801601916565, +8801601916566


  • Sale! Straw cutting machine price in Bangladesh

    Straw Cutting Machine Price in Bangladesh

    ৳ 36,000.00

    Straw cutting machine price in Bangladesh
    Matched power:2.2kw/3kw
    motor rpm: 2800rpm
    Voltage: 220 volt
    Length of chopped straw:1-3 cm
    Dimension:1120*480*800 mm
    Rotating Speed of Cutter:1100  (r/min)
    Quantity of blades:4 pieces
    Working efficiency:1000kg/h(dry grass)
    1200 kg/h( damp grass)
    Origin: China
    Stock: Ready  stock available
    Delivery: Cash on delivery
    warranty: One year free service without spare-parts
    and motor.

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  • Sweets Making Machine

    Sweet making machine price in Bangladesh

    ৳ 850,000.00

    Sweet-making machine price in Bangladesh
    Technical Specification:
    1. Origin : India
    2. Capacity : 3000-12000 Per hour (Depending on size of product)
    3. Hopper Capacity : 20 Ltr.
    4. Product Weight Range : 03gm to 100gm
    5. Motor Power : 220v, 50Hz, 0.75 (kw)
    6. Machine body & Cover : Top to Bottom SS Steel, grade 304 (Anti rust Steel)
    7. Air Compressor : 6.0 bar
    8. Size of Machine : 2390 mm x 1300mm x 550mm (LxHxW)
    9. Warranty of Machine : 12 Months (After Installation)
    10. Tool box : Standard tool box 01 Set.
    11 Electrical Control Panel : Crompton 90w * 2 ULTRA V Motor
    Motor Protection, ckt breaker, all electrical
    components are make Crompton.
    12. (a) Belt conveyor, (b) Extruder, (c) Different size of ball making die (adjustable)
    (d) SS Tray, (e) SS table with standard accessories, attached with machine.
    13. (a) Spare parts: Different size die ball making such as Somali (3 to 4) gm,
    Rasgulla (25+-1)gm and (16+-1)gm, Chumchua (52+-2)gm and para sweet (25+-1)
    gm, making die attachment, total die-05nos
    (b) Pneumatic Air Regulator, Air Filter, Line Filter & etc attachment with the
    14. Machine Installation, Commission, Trail-run & Training: Done by experts.

    General Feature:
    1. Products of different equal size, shape & weight can be controlled easily.
    2. Variable length of cutting pieces auto counting of cutting piece (display type)
    3. Easy operation, operable, washable with water and cleaning of machine.
    4. Automatic VFD Based Speed adjustable control panel (230v & 110v)
    5. Energy power saving efficient machine.
    6. Castor (for wheels with break) mounted for easy movement.

    Terms & Conditions:
    1. Payment: 70% Advance & 30% before Delivery
    2. Delivery Time: 45 Working Days
    3. Delivery Cost: Not Included.
    4. VAT & TAX: Not Included.
    5. Warranty: 1Years Free Service Without Spare Parts.
    6. Installation & Training: Free
    7. Raw materials during trial & test run to be provided by Buyer.
    8. Semi skilled Labor, unloading, placing the equipment at
    installation place to be provided by the buyer.
    9. All kinds of civil work, drainage work is out of the
    suppliers scope.
    10. All tasks, jobs, items which are not mentioned & specified
    in the quotation are out of the suppliers scope.

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